Current highlight

Telling the story of 20 questions to the world project

When you discover a project you are passionnate about and want to spread the word : it’s the best time to learn scrollytelling ! I worked as a volunteer with the project’s founder to clean, process and visualize the collected data. This is a visual story of 20 questions to the world.

Tech : Scrollytelling, d3, webpack

Clients' projects

Data Visualization class

planned - September 2020

18 hours of teaching ‘Introduction to Data Visualization’ class to data & computer science engineer students

Tech : python, d3, js


completed - 2019

Data processing and cleaning. Design, prototype and implementation of several cutsomed charts for an end-user client.

Tech : d3, js

Listen Leon

completed - 2019

Design, co-creation and prototype of the new team profile view to trigger wonder and more diverse feedback writings.

Tech : d3, react

UFRIST de Bordeaux

completed - 2019

Co-creation of a one-day dataviz workshop for researchers with Christophe Bontemps, combining theory and practice with a data visualization hackaviz.

Tech : R, Python, facilitation


completed - 2019

Dataviz helper in a research group building an exploratory visualization tool to visualize yeast and bacterias presence & spreading in fermented foods.

Tech : R, Shiny

Makina Corpus

completed - 2018

Dataviz helper in a team prototyping a territorial information system

Tech : reactvis,

Personal projects